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Queen Of Hearts

Time: 21:46

(1) Queen of Hearts

(Savoie - France 1991)

Girl meets boy, boy meets girl

A new love born, together they're gonna change the world

Another two seats on the merry go round

Safe in the arms of a magical mystery

Meeting in their dreams she runs fingers right through your hair

Burning my fingertips with passion

And then came doubt, then came the fears

And as they grow, oh it starts to show

Pain in their hearts and watching her go

This is what becomes of the broken hearted

I always thought you were a Judas anyway

Slipping through his fingers like sand

He was twenty one, she was seventeen

A princess of magic in his eyes if you know what I mean

And laughter, and in the dancing flames of misty haze

He would die a thousand times to travel of the golden shrine

A Prometheus in her eyes

A warrior of romance forever

My Queen of Hearts

And will I search forever for my kindred spirit?

Two dancing ghosts that never can die

To search in my dreams by oceans and by rivers

Like two running streams that never can touch

And the pupils in your eyes are not as big as they used to be

Oh I never thought I could feel so alien to you so fast

Why did you ever have to go?

And all this would be true

If I'd never met you

Crystal blue

(2) ...a man could die out here...

(UK 1991)

On rainy nights in Xanadu

A new face new place

A new sound

The world today is a changing place

Keep your door locked up and hide your face

Drowning in a whirlpool of English pride

In dark old England where the wheels of

industry only just turn

And at night the stars come out

Walking through a strange town

Deep in the heart of nowhere in the

middle of somebody's somewhere

I'd fly home, but where is home?

I feel like an alien

Be brave again

England be my safe haven

And at night if darkness should knock upon your door

And the whole wide world wakes up screaming in the night

That old problem child of the world today

The Middle Eastern adolescent sulking its way

Into the safety of the Angel Isle

One day we'll wake if we wake up at all

And the world and his wife will come crashing through the door

(3) The Last Waltz

(Glos - UK 1987)

Hang up your dancing shoes, hide in that secret place

Play that song of empty charm of empty time and space

You're a tired ballerina in a musical box

When the key unwinds you have to stop when the music stops

So you can find your way, I'll leave a gaslight burning in the window

Do you remember, do you recall, the smell of

school dining halls and backstreet brawls?

I was a twenty first century kid Casanova

With a lover's patch and freestyle charm we went arm in arm

I remember the autumn leaves

I remember those times

In cold October air kicking cans and buying time

I recall our old town, the place I used to work

The boy just trying to throw some magic down upon the world

But you can't dance forever, the last waltz is over

And most of all as I recall the final line upon her lips


Queen Of Hearts / Pendragon

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