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 Pendragon PendragonБританская нео-прогрессив рок-группа


Produced by Tony 'the wise one' Taverner.

Mixed by Tony Taverner

Assisted by Andy 'coughee!' Wilkinson

Recorded and Mixed at Protocol Studios 1+2 Holloway London

From 5th Aug 1991 to 28th Aug 1991

Cover artwork by Simon Williams/Dragon by Masayuki Daigo

All music and lyrics written by Nick Barrett except Last Waltz

music written by Nick Barrett and Pete Gee

Nick Barrett - Guitars and Vocals

Fudge Smith - Drums

Clive Nolan - Keyboards

Pete Gee - Bass Guitar

Thanks to; everyone at Protocol, AP, Alan Matthews, Derek Bush,

Martin Brown SMS, Ian Rowe, Steve Dickson and everyone else at 'Pinnacle'

For information, merchandise etc write to;

The Mob, 19 Furze Platt Rd, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 7ND, UK

The World is your oyster, search for your dreams and make them come true


Credits / Pendragon

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