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 Pavement Pavementрок-группа

Father to a Sister of Thought

rotten device, i'll say it twice

i'm too much i'm too much comforted here

costs too much too much, we'll leave you

everywhere eyes, nowhere to die

no place to shove your sharpened heel

i'm looking looking for a tired face

in case you wanted to go

i know, i'm breathing in to the end

calling the bluffs, talking so tough

goodbye to the ugly steeple fear

good times for ever after

i'm just a man

you see who i am

i'm binding my hooks

and open the books

dirty black hearts

angel of corpus cristi

you're so misty, tell me what i want to hear

i know i'm reeling in...[x2]

to the end [x4]

i know i'll never know [x2]


Father to a Sister of Thought / Pavement

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