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As We Eternally Sleep On It

The seed of men
From trees now freezing
All silvered leaves
With message written

The imitators
In sequences bright
All perpetraitors
In chains of gold

From the wait we got our hearts so wet
The legend rains our drops of sweat
Sweet all the season the crop is death
Reaped on the rush you hate yourself

The best of men
Through racks now stumbling
Learning the blind walk
All apprentices

The fiercest men
In sheep's clothing
Have born exhausted
To everything

And yes we all believe in madness
We are being born at the sound of ends
And yes we all believe in cruelty
We breed it out so easily

It used to be the pride of men
Now a flame put out by the cold in his hand

And yes we all have signed the pacts
We knew so well nothing was left
And yes we still believe in beauty
As we eternally sleep on it

The last of men
All hide in here
Domesticated by everythin

What's left of the man
I had within
Now gone forever
The beast sets in

And yes we all believe in fury
When nothing less is supposed to be
Consumed are now all the rewards
As we eternally...


As We Eternally Sleep On It / Moonspell

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