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Отис Реддинг Отис Реддингпевец, композитор, аранжировщик

Look At That Girl

I saw her dancing, dancing

In some old smokey place

I bet I was the only one there to watch her face

All night I never saw a smile there

'Cause she didn't even try

You know for just a little while there

I saw a tear in her eyes

[Come on

Come on baby I love to see you now

Ou wi

One more time baby watch me swinging, huh]

I sit and watch her on the floor

I said baby, baby, baby

Come on baby just dance some more

I wonder how it is to love her

I toss it to her in my head

The way she dance to the music

She got me going out of my head

[Come on


One more time you fine foxy thing you

Uh, yeah ]

One more time just watch she do

She do this


She walk the mellow-man a little bit

Then she skate a little bit

Then she boog a little bit

Then she twist a little bit

I gotta

One more time

I got to see her on the floor, now, now

Gotta, gotta

I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta see her now, now

One more time

Sweet little thing, sweet little thing, sweet little thing

You sweet little

Come on, watch that, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Отис Реддинг

Look At That Girl / Отис Реддинг

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