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Opium, desire or will?
Inspiration bound from an elegant seed
Subversion, through smoke I foresee
Erotic motions of lesser gods in ectasy

Opium, bring me forth another dream
Spawn worlds of flesh and red,
little jewels of atrocity
Opium, I sleep in debauchery
And burn with you
when you burn in Me

Opium, we fantasize
as we fuse with your root
You are a strange flower,
we are your strangest fruit

Opium, it burns in me and you
Opium, it burns for me and for you

"Por isso eu tomo opio. E um remedio.
Sou um convalescente do Momento.
Moro no res do chao do Pensamento
E ver passar a vida faz-me tedio."


Opium / Moonspell

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