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You Call That a Mountain

I'd always heard about the great Atlantic

How it humbles you to stand upon it's shore

So I thought I'd take some time to go and see it

Since I had no ties to bind me anymore

But I wonder what I'd wasted my time for

You call that an ocean?

To me it's just a pond that's almost dry

If you want to see an ocean

You should see the tears her leaving made me cry

So I headed west to see that famous canyon

That the Colorado cut so deep and wide

I thought seeing something lower down than I felt

Might cheer me up and ease my troubled mind

But I just got disappointed one more time

You call that a canyon?

It's nothing but a pothole in the yard

If you want to see a canyon

You should see the hole she left here in my heart

So now I stand here staring at the Rockies

I've heard they reach right up to heaven's door

They're like that little hole and that blue puddle

And I see now what I should have seen before

Without her life holds no wonders anymore

You call that a mountain?

It's just a little pile of rocks and dirt

If you want to see a mountain

You ought to try getting over her

If you call that a mountain...


You Call That a Mountain / Nelson

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