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Shes Way Too Cute For Him

I was hangin' with my buddies at the No-tell Motel bar

Solvin' every problem in the world with a drink and an imitation Cuban cigar.

When in walked an angel built for sin,

On the arm of somethin' that the cat drug in...

M- hmm, she's way too cute for him.

That boy's gotta have something

But it's nothin' I can see

Is it a Swiss account? a fancy car?

Or a well-heeled family tree?

Don't wanna get too down on that poor li'l guy

who must be Eddie Van Halen in a great disguise

'Cause a girl like that can name her who or when

She's way too cute for him

What's he got that I ain't got?

I'm ready and willin' to learn

Just give me one more shot 'cause like it or not

Right now he's got her!

Is he some kind of surgeon imported from France?

Does he move like Michael Jackson when she gets him to dance?

Does he sing like Sinatra?

Does he spend like Trump?

What's a queen like that doin' with Forest Gump?

Does he always take the checker at the Indy 5?

Hold some kind of record as the oldest alive?

Must be CIA, or have some high powered friends

She's way too cute for him

Somebody give me a clue, help me understand

That girl's way too cute for him!


Shes Way Too Cute For Him / Nelson

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