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Running Out Of Time

Johnny played the rebel - huntin' for a cause

Sh-sh-sh-short fuse fused dynamite hungry for a spark - ooh yeah

His 9 mil. Loaded with borrowed time

Bad boy swore he couldn't die

Till he faced a man a little bit quicker on the draw

He tried to steal his destiny

He bragged of immortality

Now he ain't that tough six feet deep


Short rides on the glory train

Through dead end streets of no escape

Lyin' in the bed you made on a ship

That came in too late

You're running out of time

You're running out of time

Jenny came home from the ritzy side of town

D - drove her mommy's Benz -

Lived in Daddy's great big house - ooh yeah

She hawked her gold to feed the spike

A great escape on the pony ride

Cuz Mom and Dad wouldn't let their little baby out

When China White's your lyin' friend

You've sold you soul when the party ends

And you're dancing blind on the razor's edge


You and me are victims of our blood

Haunted by the ghosts of who we loved

Our parents sing that same old song

";Where the Hell did we go wrong?";

Just take a look in the mirror Mom and Dad!

Don't look back it burns your eyes

You can't win if you don't try

Only you control your life


Don't you know you're runnin' out of time?

Wake up! Wake up! God dammit wake up!

You're running out of time

You're running out of time

You're running out of time time time


Running Out Of Time / Nelson

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