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The Silence Is Broken

A painted promise - A smokescreen dream

It wasn't all we thought it'd be

A fortune made - when we betrayed

The faith we'd placed in our blind belief

We were once close as blood


Locked inside - pride's prison cells

Separately suffering for our sins

Well, the seasons changed - but the chill remains

A karmic debt keeps us siamese twins

Until it's said, nothing's done


The silence is broken

And that we have spoken

Don't turn away

I know we can change

A quickening - A bitter end

Come what may, something must be said

This reckoning - Should be deafening

Instead of pregnant tranquility

The rebirth has begun


Emancipation lives and breathes

In the words one should but never speaks

Communication can end this speculation

And if we fall then at least we'll go down screaming!

Broken! The silence is broken!

Till it's said, nothing's done! The silence is broken!


The Silence Is Broken / Nelson

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