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Kiss Me When I Cry

You had me right in the palm of your hand

Gave you my soul - I was at your command

you had control -

how, I don't understand but it's over now

trusted your promises, believed your lies

how you tortured me slowly with your cheap alibis

I can finally let go now that I know what you're all about

so I'll always be glad you'd forget to forgive

when you leave

make the aftertaste of love

turned to hate bittersweet memories

I'm begging you please


Just kiss me when I cry

A taste of pretty poison to remember you by

Say you love me then tell me good-bye

Shoot me through the heart

And then kiss me when I cry

You bled me dry with your vicious demands

To steal my soul was a part of your plans

Your only happiness is breaking a man-

But it's over now

Use sex extortion and insatiable greed

How you'd stand there laughing after cutting me deep

You nearly killed me - never fulfilled me -

That's what you're all about

Since my pain is your pleasure

Take me down one last time

In your typical style you could kill me then smile

Hit me with a parting shot - leave me behind


Salt and cyanide just don't mix

The tears will dry but remember this

I'll never make the same damn mistake

So come, seal your fate with one fatal kiss



Kiss Me When I Cry / Nelson

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