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You're no diffrent

How many times can you put me down
Till your heart you realise
If you choose to criticise
You choose your enemies

Everything that i say and do
In your eyes is always wrong
Tell me where do i belong
In a sick society

You're no diffrent to me
You're no diffrent
No diffrent to me

Look at yourself instead o' looking at me
With accusation in your eyes
Do you want me crucified
For my profanity

Concealing your crimes behind a
Grandeur of lies
Tell me where do i begin
If you think you're without sin
The first to cast the stone

Living my life in a way
That i choose
You say i should apologise
Is that envy in your eyes
Reflecting jealousy
Tell me the trouth and i'll admit
To my cuilt
If you'll try to understand
But is that blood that's on your hand
From your democracy

Оззи Осборн

You're no diffrent / Оззи Осборн

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