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Cold One Coming On

Weather man says it might hit ninety five.

September's gonna feel more like July.

He's calling for a night that's warm and mild.

I think he missed it by a mile.

He just don't know that you're gone.

I feel a cold one coming on.

Driving home gets longer every day.

I found new things to do along the way.

A bar room ain't no place to run and hide.

From the memories of a love that said goodbye.

I'm sick and tired of right or wrong.

I feel a cold one coming on.

*It makes you wanna start thinking about drinking.

If I don't find a way to ease my mind and leave all this behind...

I'm gonna go crazy without you baby.

A bar room or a bedroom back at home...I feel a cold one coming on.*

Chorus repeats

A bar room or that bedroom back at home...

I feel a cold one coming on.

Montgomery Gentry

Cold One Coming On / Montgomery Gentry

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