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Мик Джаггер Мик ДжаггерАнглийский рок-музыкант, актер, продюсер, вокалист группы The Rolling Stones.

Put me in the trash

Yeah you put me in the trash

yeah you gave me up for lost

Now I see that you're doing alright

Take a look at me and count the cost

Baby can't you see I'm short on greens

I am your long lost man, you don't recognize me

I used to load you up with cash

I used to dress you like a dream

All the fancy food, you always wolfed it down

Yeah but you never made a scene

Baby can't you see, I'm no fantasy

I am your long lost man, you don't recognize me

Standing around in the rain, with my hands froze

Looking around for small change in your window

Out in the cold once again, write out a cheque for old flames

Pity for old time sake, I'll make your heart glow

Yeah, I'm your long lost man, don't you recognize me

Gimme some money baby, I'm broke

Why don't you, why don't you dig right down in your purse

And gimme some dough

Yeah don't you remember me baby

Don't you remember all those Jean Paul Gaultier dresses

I bought you and all those tickets to the opera

What about that bright red ferrari I bought you now

And all those, and all those shoes

Yeah I know it's the recession baby, but give me some money

Yeah come on now be generous

Oh yeah alright

Мик Джаггер

Put me in the trash / Мик Джаггер

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