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2 Bad

featuring Shaquille O'Neal


pick up my girl get me mad right

the king of pop come on and there is none higher

sucker mc's should call me sire

standin' out here

talking broking never joking smoking

up on the corner

due to they wanna

they outta here

hasta la vista

Verse 1: Michael Jackson

tell me that you're doing wrong

what a shock when all along

cryin' would be like a man

going back to hide your hand

you ain't done enough for me

you ain't done nuthin for me

you are disgusting me

yeah yeah

you ain't been justing me

you are disgusting me

you just want a new cut from me

but too bad, too bad

look who just walked in the place

then he slapped me in the face

look who's standing in the peice

try to bring me to my knees

Chorus: Michael Jackson

too bad too bad about it

why don't you scream and shout it

*repeat 3x*

Verse 2: Michael Jackson

hell all up in Hollywood

sayin' that she's done and good

creepin' from a dusty hole

tell her what somebody told

what do you want from me

what do you want from me

tired of you hunting me

yeah yeah

you ain't been justing me

you are disgusting me

you got the lust for me

but too bad too bad

look who just slapped in the face

and then he left me in the place

I'm right back where I wanna be

I'm standing though you're kicking me


Verse 3: Shaq

some nights are like a dream

I'm really in the theater when MJ's on my team


reality brings forth realism

it's the man of steel

organism Twism

I'm full of trisim

take charge like Miller

9-5 Shaq represent with the thriller

grab my crotch, twist my knees, and I'm through

I'm bad, Mike's bad, who are you?


Майкл Джексон

2 Bad / Майкл Джексон

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