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This River

Oh this river, oh this river runs

Can't take my heart away from you

You are in my soul

Can't tame this love I feel for you

Can't escape what is meant to be

It's endless as the heavens

It's timeless and it's strong

It's faithful as an angel

It's right there right or wrong

There's no end to this emotion

It goes on and on


This river runs, this river runs so true

This river runs, this river runs to you

This river's deep as the ocean

Runs on blind emotion

This river runs, oh yeah

You're every beat within my heart

You are in my blood

Nothing could keep me from your arms

Where you are is where I'll always be

As long as there are mountains

And stars still fill the sky

As long as there's forever

I'm right here by your side

There's no end to this emotion

Till the end of time


This river runs, oh so deep within my soul

And it flows forever

And for the rest of all time

Always be there


Майкл Болтон

This River / Майкл Болтон

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