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Desperate Heart

One night, one empty room

One man getting over you

One star, one lonely moon

I make a wish I know will never come true

You'll call my name

And you'll beg me to hold you again

But the truth remains

And I'm only a fool who can't help but pretend


It's all over but I'm holding on

I can't let go till the love is gone

It's all over but I keep holding on

With a desperate heart

My desperate heart

Some nights I try in my mind

To see myself loving someone new

Still I know I'm wasting my time

No one can ever take the place of you

So I close my eyes

I swear I feel you here by my side

Bet it's all, it's only a lie

That I need to believe for my heart to survive


All this time I've been drowning in hopeless illusion

I've been keeping inside

That someday you'll walk out of the shadows

And back into my life


I can't believe your love for me is gone

Майкл Болтон

Desperate Heart / Майкл Болтон

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