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Джон Мелленкамп Джон МелленкампАмериканский рок-музыкант, который начинал свою карьеру под навязанным продюсерами именем Джонни Кугар.

Sugar Marie

Well, I'm all gassed up

The car is waitin '' outside

I got three more hours on this loser's job

And then I'll be ready to ride

I got this cowboy comin' with me

This guy's name is Jeffrey Jack

He can shoot the eyes out of a pool ball

He can get the young girls into the sack

We'll go down to the dance hall

Locals will be kickin' up their heels

They'll be drinkin' tequila sunrises

Until the morning light fills up the window sills


And then I'll be with Sugar Marie

She's the only girl I know that can make me forget about me

Come on and dance with me, Sugar Marie

She don't ask me any questions when it's time to leave

She works down at the truck stop

Where she polishes the spoons

She gets colas and burgers for the boys

ON those hot summer afternoons

She's got a girlfriend named Linda

Linda's got a tattoo that says Christ

Well, she ain't half bad to talk to

And I reckon she looks pretty nice

We'll drive down to the dance hall

Sittin' there waitin' on me

Jesus, you know it feels pretty good

And sometimes I need some good ole company


She don't ask any questions

And she don't flirt with the other boys

She belongs to me, Sugar Marie

I never thought I needed no one

I can make a big enough mess myself

Oh, but when I finally found someone

She made me respect myself

Dance for me, Sugar Marie


Hey girl, I wish we could tear the heart

Out of this old town tonight


Джон Мелленкамп

Sugar Marie / Джон Мелленкамп

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