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Джон Мелленкамп Джон МелленкампАмериканский рок-музыкант, который начинал свою карьеру под навязанным продюсерами именем Джонни Кугар.

Rooty Toot Toot

Got my hands on a little bit of dough

So I went to the grocery store

And got some steaks to go

Went by and picked up my gal, Teddi Jo

We had ourselves a picnic

Beside a dirt road


Rooty toot toot

Rooty toot toot

We had it made in the shade

Like a ball through the hoop

Spinnin' and tumblin' inside this hoola hoop

Livin' and learnin'

Rooty toot toot

We laid out a blanket

And started a fire

Had the radio playin'

>From inside the car

I took of my shirt and kicked off my shoes

She read the paper

And told me the news

She said, there's a lot of people out there

Who are at the end of their rope

Sometimes baby

You've got to lay low


We stayed there all day

We bot got us some real good suntans

I thought that was OK

sometimes life can be so grand

We were gettin' ready

To sahke out of that place

When the Illinois state trooper

Got in my face

He said, you're on private property

But once he cooled down he was OK

sometimes you're golden, man

That's all I got to say




Eric Wincentsen


Glendale Community College

Glendale, Arizona

"I'm just marking my territory

Джон Мелленкамп

Rooty Toot Toot / Джон Мелленкамп

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