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Джон Мелленкамп Джон МелленкампАмериканский рок-музыкант, который начинал свою карьеру под навязанным продюсерами именем Джонни Кугар.

American Son

Written by John Mellencamp

Stuck inside a jigsaw

Of the Midwestern modern midtown ??

Feeling like a trophy that

The old man's been passing around

Just another suit back ??

>From a old time college degree

And when I walked by I heard 'em

Saying he was something to see

Well now don't you know that I'm the American Son

Living out the old man's fantasy of being number one

Daddy use to tell me, son you never kiss ass

I'm the last of the American Son's

And its such a such a gasp

Its like a shot of .........

The way the conversation grew

And everybody was telling me something

That I already, already knew

Well I might be dumb

But it didn't take that long

For me to get out of that room and bills

And when I ran into the streets

The crowd was yelling he's such a such a gasp


Well now kiss ass

oh, yeah

Ready to get on with that fool ???

You know that Eddy's ?? in danger of ??

Of a self indulgent fool

To mesmerize himself into thinking

That he is just to cool for school

Well you know that its fun to carry a gun

And shoot down what you never could be

And when the dealer calls

And has got you by the balls

You tell him that ya, you tell that ya had it from me


And its a, its a, its a, its a, its a,

Its such a, its such a, its such a gasp

I'm the last of the American Son's

(repeat 12 times

Джон Мелленкамп

American Son / Джон Мелленкамп

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