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Off The Road

I’ve traveled the world and had no time to rest

I’ve played for people every day

Living from a suitcase from town to town

Till my nerves began to fray

Dreaming of the day I’d stay at home

I feel like I’ve been on the move too long

Eight years of on the road

Got me a place in the burning sun

Found me the way to go

I’m building up a house to make a home

Found a great love I was looking for

Two people now are one

Her clothes in the closet and her with me

Everything is always fun

Once we had a house but now it’s home

Build up your rooms and decorate your walls

That’s all you have to do

Work in your way till you find your peace

And life can be made for you

It’s good to fell the peace and quiet of home

Джон Мейелл

Off The Road / Джон Мейелл

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