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I’m crying

Yes, I’m crying

And I just don’t know

How it’s all going to end

I’m thinking back a long time

When I hit my woman down

It was a bad bad evil night

When I realized what I’d done

It was way too late, too late

Too late for words and I’m crying

In torment sometimes

We hurt each other so bad

Nobody to turn to, no going back

No such thing as God for us

No more to touch her body

No more to stroke her hair

All I can do is break down in tears

I’m crying and wondering

Where am I now because of what I did

I just don’t know and I’m crying

It was a long time ago

The pain is over now

But I still think back sometimes

And remember how I cried

I was crying

Джон Мейелл

Crying / Джон Мейелл

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