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Marbles IV


[Marbles I-IV]

Did anyone see my last marble

As it rolled out and over the floor?

It fell through a hole in the corner

Of a room in a town on a tour

It's lonely without your last marble

I miss it not rattling around

As I lie in my bed there's a space in my head

Where there used to be colours and sound..

When I was a child I had marbles

They brought admiration and fame

They were pretty to look at and marbles

Was always my favourite game

We played all the summer days

In the stony alleyways

In the playground after class

We would trade the coloured glass

More valuable than diamonds

More magical than diamonds

Did anyone see..

Did anyone see..

Does anyone see?

There were almost four hundred until the black day

I discovered how high they would fly to the sky

If you used them for tennis instead of a ball..

Zinging glass satellites crueller than fate

Whacked with a racket up into the blue

I'd smashed all the greenhouses on the estate

And a crowd formed a queue at the gate..

That was almost the end of my marbles

Confiscated, I choked back the tears

I hung onto a handful of favourites

That disappeared over the years

Did anyone see my last marble

I swear that I had it before

Sometimes I think I should go see a shrink

In case he can find me some more

Did anyone see my last marble?

I'd saved it to give it away

Since I was a youth

Now I don't have no proof

Only words

Only words

Only words.


Marbles IV / Marillion

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