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The Release

"The Release" Taken from the Marillion single "Easter" ---

The alarm by the bed wrings the dreams from my head

It's a new day

Leave the flakes in the bowl. Milk unopened. I'm gone.

But I'm still late...

Join the fight for a cab

Take our place in the jam

And watch the clock again

There's a man in my head

I think he came from the screen... or the bible

All he wants for me is to be strong

But I seem unreliable

You know it gets so hard

When everything you are

Is everything you don't want to be

But at the end of the day

You're the one who burns it all away

So won't you show me those pictures you hold in your head

And can you lose me somewhere inside them all

Because there are colours that run through the heart of me

That only you can see



The Release / Marillion

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