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The Party

She bought a bottle of cider

From the shop on the corner

They didn't stop her--they thought she was older

She took a bus ride to a name and a number

A house full of music

And a hatful of wonder

And some of the people that she thought that she knew

Were never like this when she saw them at school

She's never been anywhere like this before

Everybody's so out of control

She was in a back room

Full of strange aromas

And noises and candles

That is where he found her

He took her to a garden

Full of rain and silence

And she could smell

the soil and the trees and see the succulent light

From the little fires in his eyes pulling shapes out of the night

She was enchanted

Then it was 12 o'clock

And the last bus is gone

They're gonna go crazy when they hear what she's done

Higher is lower--and less is like more

She nver felt anything like this before...

Marion! Marion! Marion! Marion!

And then it was yesterday

And he said, "Oh, by the way,

Welcome to your first party."



The Party / Marillion

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