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The Fruit Of The Wild Rose


Goodnight my love

I'm so alone

And so surrounded

By your sweet memory

I cannot sleep

For all these dreams

They come to play

Till dawn comes stealin' them away..

The fruit of the wild rose

Hangs here with summer gone

Voluptuous crimson

As the days become colder

The fruit of the wild rose

In a warmer country

Where the sea meets the land

You may walk with your baby

In the afternoon

Perhaps some aroma

From a street cafe

Might sadden your eyes

Carry you away

The fruit of the wild rose

Sweet and so sour on the tongue

Swollen and crimson

As the light fades and shortens

The thorny wild rose

She gave me a summer but she's gone

As England faces the winter

In your eyes, in your mind, in your mind

Clearer than a photograph

No passing of time

Ever could fade

You and I

Shimmering ghostly

Like a wild garden from another life

Will you throw your arm

Turn your body round

Breathe a sudden sigh

Wherever you lie sleeping

Stir your hips

Feel the seed inside so sweet

Dreaming westbound waves

And a man comin' back from the sea...


Dance for me rose


The Fruit Of The Wild Rose / Marillion

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