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Paper Lies

When you look into the mirror

Do you see a face you hardly recognise

If you look into the sun too long

Do the things you see begin to burn your eyes

Paper lies

Just to express what he's thinking

must a man take all the mail will bring?

Are we living only for today

It's a sign of the times...we believe anything...and nothing

Paper lies

When you kill the truth

You can make a killing

You might just make losing look like winning

You came here to tell us what's going on

But nobody knows who's side you're on

Seems like you're sailing pretty close to the wind again

Paper lies

You have already won a prize!

I know something that you don't know

Something that you ought to know

It's burning a hole in my pocket book

Listen.....do you want to know a secret?

We can print our own money here

If you let us do a piece on you

We can take you to pieces

When you look into the money do you see a face you hardly


When you get behind the news of the world do the things you find

begin to bend your mind?

Paper lies.

Why don't ya let us take a piece outta you


Paper Lies / Marillion

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