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Out Of This World

Three hundred miles an hour on water

In your purpose-built machine

No one dared to call a boat

Screaming blue

Out of this world

Make history

This is your day

Blue... bird

At such speeds...

Things fly...

What did she say?

I know the pain of too much tenderness

Wondering when or if you'll come back again

Wanting to live for you

And being banned from giving

But only love will turn you round

Only love will turn you round

Only love

Only love will turn you round

So we live, you and I

Either side of the edge

And we run and we scream

With the dilated stare of obsession and dreaming

What the hell do we want

Is it only to go

Where nobody has gone

A better way than the herd

Sing a different song

Till you're running the ledge

To the gasp from the crowd

Spinning round in your head

Everything that she said


Out Of This World / Marillion

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