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Interior Lulu


As you lie there on your bed

Beneath the face of Louise Brooks

With your makeup and your teddy bear

And your C.S. Lewis books

Bad seed

You're a bad seed

You're a decadent in chrysalis

Waiting sleepily to emerge

When you'll visit every seedy need

Of your random obsessive urge

All the ruses that you use

All the food that you refuse

All the dust and tired air that feeds Interior Lulus

All the poisoned attitudes

And the lust for the unknown

And the second best that devils use

To make this world their own

Interior Lulu

Interior Lulu

Every rainy day by e-mail

As you lie there on your bed

Another virtual page arrives

There will be times when you remember me

Of the chapters you'll be writing

As the voices echo in your head

In the book called wasted lives

As you read Henry and Anais

All the lost weekends and booze

All the finger-and-thumb screws

All the sleepless worn out blues that bruise Interior Lulus

Interior Lulu

Interior Lulu

Use the anger

Paint a picture of it

Throw the colours

Use the pain, use the pain

Scream back a brand new emotion

As it runs across the skin

Fire across paper

Burn and curl, burn and curl

You thought you couldn't feel like this

But it's happening again and you're waking up in pain

Tattooed in that private place

Microsoft and tears

Intimately pierced

Discovering and remembering

You felt like this somewhere before

Stirrin' up the bed of the river

Somewhere you don't like to go

You wrote this down so many times

But you get up anyway and you write it down again



Interior Lulu / Marillion

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