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Hooks In You

Track 8 of _Season's End_

'I feel so strange what's wrong with me'

You've got a problem that you can't see

But I've got a feeling that the rumours are true

I see the girl's go a hook in you

You carry on believing

That you can take or leave it

Now who are you deceiving

Cause when it's own up time

She's in the back of you mind

She's got her hooks in you

You said you'd never let it happen again

You spend your money and you're deeper in

Your fairweather friends call two by two

To let you know what's wrong with you

But now your heartbeat's thumpin'

You watch you nerve ends jumpin'

Well I can tell yo somethin'

When it's own up time

You're gonna toe the line

She's got her hooks in you

She's got her hooks in me too.



Hooks In You / Marillion

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