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Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл Мэриэнн Фэйтфуллальтернативная певица



We're at a stand-still! What she's been sending,

It's not any money a man can build a house with.

She's as giddy as a cyclone!

All the profits go for her pleasure!

And we're at a stand-still, for what she's been sending

Is not any money a man can build a house with.

Won't she settle down to business ?

Won't she ever learn to save something ?

For what the feather-brain is sending is not any kind of money

A man can build a little house with.


We're making progress.

We have come to Los Angeles

And every door is open here to welcome extras.

We only need a bit of practice

Avoiding possible faux pas

And what can stop us going straight to the top then ?


O Lord, look down upon our daughter,

Show her the way that leads the Good to Thy reward.


If you take offense at injustice,

Mister Big will show he's offended;

If a curse or a blow can enrage you so

Your usefulness here is ended.

Then mind what the Good Book tells us

When it says:

Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл

Anger / Мэриэнн Фэйтфулл

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