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The Fallen Angel

Azazel is besides you

and he's playing a game.

Demons are besides you and they are making a prayer

Watching on them hiding as they wait for the time

For the devil to get ready and take over them all.

You and only god will know

What can be done?

you and only god will know

I am the only one.

you and only god will know

I am the chosen one.



Could it be it's the end of the world?

All the things that we chrish and Love

Nothing left but to face this all of my own

cause I am the chosen one.

Beaten Fallen angel

but I've risen again

and the power is inside me

I've decided to pray

He's await for armageddon

and he's coming my way

it's an honor to be chosen

I still wait for the day

Iron Maiden

The Fallen Angel / Iron Maiden

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