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Nuestra familia

Times are hard and getting rougher

Could never understand why my family had to suffer

May be it's because we're not as fortunate as others

At least we've got each other, and we can rely on one another

Working hard just to make ands meet

Through good and bad we refused to accept defeat

Trying to give us what they never could have

Not a day goes by that we don't thank god for what we have

Times are hard but getting better

We paid our dues but money doesn't last forever

Maybe it's because the money doesn't always matter

At least we have each other and we can rely on another

I thank my family for everything that was given to me

Being there no matter what, even willing to die for me

They're not at fault if I'm not as good as I'm supposed to be

They did their part and now it's all up to me

I thank god and all my family

Did their best and now it's up to me


Nuestra familia / Madball

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