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Down By Law

You wake up every morning

In this living hell

Not knowing that

You're worst enemy is me

You never know what can happen

Within this cell

Betrayal is what I feel

Revenge is what I seek

No hesitation, no turning back

I gotta do it, I have no choice

Gotta do what I

Gotta do for the crew

Down by law

What you did I can't

Forgive my so called brother

I can't let my feelings

get in the way

Why you turn your back

On the crew

We always had your back

We'd die for you

You ratted on your boy

Something you never do

Now his life is over

And yours is too

Down by law

We made a promise to eachother

A promise that you choose to break

We stuck together no matter what

My brother

You turned you're back

And proved you're fake

Repeat 2nd verse

Down by law

You've left me no choise

The strenght of a gesture

A thought with no voice

Repeat chorus

The clock is ticking

You're time is up

Now's my chance, I gotta move fast

Our memories I put to rest

It's the law we chose to live by

You broke the fuckin' rules

You must die



Down By Law / Madball

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