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Night Divine

Enwrapped by darkness and spirits the sorcerer prepares an offering to his master

he stands high above the pathetic mortals who treads the withering earth

-trees shall bow, humans shall kneel, kings shall crawl nor god will stand

with a thousand sins he summons all demons of the eternal flames to come forth

he raise his dagger towards the sky and makes a gesture of a circle and a star

he speaks unholy words as the sky split open with thunder and lightning

"Exalted of this vision he starts to scream with pride in his voice as he approach the virgin, lying down inside the circle of candles

he reels the unholy words as he stabs her young and pure heart

the crimson blood is flowing so beautiful, tears from her innocent eyes silently falls one last time as her life slowly fades away to vanish into this night...

...night divine"

"from order to chaos, from the light to the night

the blood of a virgin I offer you, take this humble offering

take my soul grant me my immortality"

Legions-shadowed by their emperor

grabs his soul and tear him apart

death whisper in his ears: "come to me and stay forever"

- and the scythe of death clutch his life

The sun has risen for the last time... Night Divine

Lord Belial

Night Divine / Lord Belial

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