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Realm Of A Thousand Burning Souls ( Part 1 )

In the shadow-side of life, in a dark and mystic midwinter-night a child was

born in ice and frost-like fire an immortal child, an evil spirit.

Before his birth he walked this earth with hatred and desires - desires to

crush what he hates. In hell he belongs, like the moon in the sky.

To grant himself what the unknown knows he submerged underneath his earthly

life - underneath the surface of this earth, into the realm of a thousand

burning souls and questioned the elder demons for their ancient wisdom.

"Oh, mighty demons... Evil demons... I am worthy... ...speak upon me and

grant me your knowledge so that I can inherit my throne of fire and reign by

your side"

His eyes started to burn, his blood boiled as a majestic choir spoke upon

him: "Your wish is granted"

He screamed in tongues unto the mighty demons, in rejoice and pain. With the

blood of his very own soul he was baptised in the name of the northern prince

of hell, and of all the unclean spirits.

Immortal he was and demonized he became the prince of darkness was born. The

agitator for the forthcoming humans on earth. Onward to the battle against

the ones he despises and hates, his journey now has begun. In heaven this

victorious battle will end (evil has won) another kingdom will rise from the

earth- the kingdom of a thousand burning souls, humans shall kneel in front

of me- their master, my word will be their law- enslavement! Now the war has

begun, tears and blood falls to the frozen and holy ground, the sounding from

the swords and screams of angels echoes in the war-filled skies Ah... blood

and screams- cries and agony

Demons, I summon you. hear my hail. Come forth and gather here, we have won

this battle is won I spit on their cross, this is my realm with a thousand


Lord Belial

Realm Of A Thousand Burning Souls ( Part 1 ) / Lord Belial

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