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Death Is The Gate

Death - I have been waiting for you

for so many years

now that the moment has come,

let me take your hand

let me enter your kingdom of darkness

the realm of everlasting night!

You have showed me visions in life

that few men have seen

you have been whispering to me

the things to be done

and now that the moment draws near, finally I enter you with pride!

I am floating

an endless river never witnessed by man

I am embraced by its darkness

and caressed by cold hands, caressed by cold hands

in total darkness, this everlasting night sweeps me away

into a void of darkness

never witnessed by man

no agony, no sorrow, no grief, no pain

no anguish, no fear, just DEATH, sweet death

In total solitude I release my soul into this void

of coldness and hate

my spirit is cleansed from the last remaining human feelings and needs

I am one with the night, all there is I can feel

all there was I can hear, all there ever will be;

I can witness it all!

I throw myself into the realms of hell, billions of voices greets me:

"Oh, my son, finally you have joined us

now come, let eternity unite!"

Welcome once more!

Freed from the chains of life,

the final cleansing approaches my soul

Oh, how mighty this majestic mightiness

to be the edge of this force, the peak of destruction!

I am the force of Armageddon!

Their flesh shall be ripped from their bodies and their eyes shall be ripped from their skulls and their hearts shall be thrown into the everlasting fire, thus delivering their

souls onto hell, with guidance of our everlasting ritual to channel their souls from earth and into the cosmos of starless night, with the blade of damnation in my hands I

continue this immortal fight, the triumph over humans, the fight that I h

Lord Belial

Death Is The Gate / Lord Belial

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