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Дайана Росс Дайана Росспевица

Goin' Through The Motions

(P. Glass/S. Birch/S. Ray)

Play the game

Everything stays the same

A masquerade

Only ourselves to blame...

Love, taken for granted fades each passing day

We need more affection...

I, don't want to let you slip away...

We've been goin' through the motions

(But) there's more to life...oh ooh oh ooh oh

Than goin' through the motions,

(Our) love's on the line...oh ooh oh ooh oh...

You and I

Shouldn't lose our direction,

We can't deny

Love could use more attention...

We've traveled too far to let the feeling fade

This time we can change it...'cause

Dreams and passion are just a breath away...

Дайана Росс

Goin' Through The Motions / Дайана Росс

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