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Кайли Миноуг Кайли МиноугАвстралийская певица, автор песен и актриса.

Rhythm Of Love


With the rhythm in our lovin'

There ain't nothing I can do

When I feel the beat of love

Go on and on and on with you

I don't have to worry

There ain't nothing you won't do

To give your love to me

And I give my love to you


I know what you like

You know just what to do to me

The rhythm is right

We have fun with harmony

You got the bass, I can pick up the pace, yeah

There's no time to wait


A perfect love is what you make of it

When our bodies move we're syncopated

I never knew that two could be

Like you and me



So good together

Some people work better solo

But I could never

Be without you oh no

I'd muss you touch, as it is

I can't get enough yeah

I'm in heaven above

I give you a melody that's always new

You've got a good beat, I can dance to you

Spinning for as long as we can

Come on let's jam


[repeat 2 times]

Le beat de jour c'est le beat d'amour



[repeat & fade

Кайли Миноуг

Rhythm Of Love / Кайли Миноуг

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