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Кайли Миноуг Кайли МиноугАвстралийская певица, автор песен и актриса

Glad To Be Alive


Ohh life's so hard

Someday's you need something new to wear

Like a brand new hat


Try so hard

To work it out

People try to hold you back

On day's like that

You need another hand


It's the same all over the world

People have to earn a living

Now you're so far from the troubles at home

Leave them alone

And they'll work themselves out


We love it

Glad to be alive

I like it

Working over time in lovin'

I hope tomorrow feels like this



Dreaming hard

Brand new car

And another home loan

And the phone bill is overdue

Don't give up on rainy days

I've seen the sun come shining through

On you and me

Make you feel alright




Life's so hard

We can work it out

Will it's a big tough city

We can work out our way


[repeat & fade

Кайли Миноуг

Glad To Be Alive / Кайли Миноуг

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