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Smile At Me Again

By Kris Kristofferson and Stephen Bruton

Monday caught me early

Comin' down by surprise

Waiting for a signal light to change

Breathing something bitter

That was burnin' my eyes

Thinkin' I'd go drink myself

Back home on the range

Shot down and sinking fast on Sunset Strip

Holding on to something in my head

Everything gets heavy when you're

Losin' your grip

Nothin' looks as empty as a motel bed


Lord, I'm still a stranger

In this God-forsaken land

Farther from my future and my friends

I'm gonna take enough

To wake me up and make me one

Last one night stand

Then take me home to something's

Gonna smile at me again

Break my connections

When I shake me loose

Give my old equipment to the band

Let my friend the devil

Pay the rest of my dues

Take me home to something's

Gonna smile at me again

Крис Кристофферсон

Smile At Me Again / Крис Кристофферсон

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