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Кристин Херш Кристин ХершАмериканская панк певица

Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti

Lying all night, screaming in pain

Defending the cross in the Belfast rain

The billy saw me at the end of the street

So I lit up my torch and embraced him with heat

Town of Aintab in 340 A.D.

Threw me in a quarry, no way to get free

I called on Hate to give me my life

And he came on his black horse, obsidian knife

Happened one night, I was lying in bed

Eyes wide open, I could have been dead

The sky lady came with her eyes shining bright

And the bears and the billies and the bullies took flight

But I called them all back

And the sky lady too

The bears and the billies and the bullies

Me and you

We laid down our bombs and bows

And drank to their health on the Anatolian plateau

From New Scotland to Calgary

The geese are high and so are we

We don't even need a map

We're way too fast for the highway trap

So hit the road and shine a light

I think we're gonna find the path tonight

Shooting star and the moon is bad

It's the best damn omen that we ever had

Кристин Херш

Uncle June And Aunt Kiyoti / Кристин Херш

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