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Кристин Херш Кристин ХершАмериканская панк певица


Everybody was so pretty there

And up and jumping around

And easy it's easy to sleep

With idiots and prophets

Leaves me wondering

Ruby or iridescent cough drop?

This baby's like a winter bird, raunchy and sweet

With snowflakes melting in his hair

The boys are supermen


Ruby or iridescent cough drop?

You're the great convincer, should I do this, am I good?

You can smell a fever, shold I do this, am I good?

Let's dive

All the way down

The two of us are old paint,

My grandmother's horse

Still alive, still kicking, not allowed to work

'Til we become beauty

A fluid medium

Кристин Херш

Ruby / Кристин Херш

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