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Кристин Херш Кристин ХершАмериканская панк певица


The best of us puking

The rest of us not doing so well

You can tell by the way we look over your shoulder

Watching for the next big thing

Caffeine in the blood, caffeine on the brain, bad well water

Set off a chain reaction, a desparate set of principles

I wish we were lonely

I wish we were boring

It's so much easier

You're driving and I am your backseat shadow

The radio keeps playing

The radio keeps saying "Nothing lost and nothing gained"

But if you don't like it then leave

What if you won't take it from me?

I can soothe you

I feel your heart beating

I hear your soft breathing

Кристин Херш

Caffeine / Кристин Херш

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