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Banks Of The Ohio

My love asked me, to take a walk

Just to walk, a little way

And as we walked along we talked

Of when would be our wedding day

We walked beneath the whispering pines

His heart was filled with love divine

And as we neared the riverside

He asked me when I'd be his bride

Oh no your bride, I'll never be

Another one's prepared for me

And as I drew my hand from his

His heart was filled with fire divine

He drew his knife across my breast

And in his arms I gently pressed

Willy dear, don't murder me

For I am not prepared to die

He took me by my golden curls

He drug me down to the riverside

And as he threw me into drown

He watched me as I floated down

He started home 'tween twelve and one

Thinking on the deed he'd done

Murdered just the one he loved

Because I would not be his bride

Кристин Херш

Banks Of The Ohio / Кристин Херш

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