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 Krabathor Krabathorгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк


Spapes and forms of the human body

Only thought is able to kill

We are too ordinary

To give ourselves air over something


Everything around seems to be

Strange to you

Nothing is how you want it to be

There are too many realities in life

And you have problems resting them

You can't get to know

Anything in yourself

Only others see what you do wrong

You try to suppress your inner evil

You must be ready for it.



Unnecesarity of your life

Sucks your power

You just must die,

You just must die,

You just must die

Die from desperation

Die for sorrow

Falling down world in your head,

There's no way out

Birth, power, life

Birth, pain and blood


Everything around seems ...

Repeat Chorus


Unnecessarity / Krabathor

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