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 Krabathor Krabathorгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Imperator Strikes Again

Thousands of cruel warriors

They bring only death

Leading Imperator

You're losing breath

His brain covered by wrath

And heart full of hate

Selfish hunger for the throne

In his eyes you can read.

Dressed in a war-suite

He drank the blood of brave men

He was sure

That their power will come

Into his veins

He loved courage over all

And most of all his weapon

Sword that so many times

Was killing his enemies





Once somebody put

Poison in his cup

He will never again

Drink the victory

There's not any crying

Around his grave

Only the burning cross

Will be burning on ...

Imperator (8x


Imperator Strikes Again / Krabathor

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