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 Rage Rageметалл-гуппа

My Rage

[Music and Lyrics by P. Wagner]

I've been sitting, wondering. Where am I to go?

I spend time on too many things, turn my tides too slow.

I never felt so sick, that's all I know.

but when I hit my strings too loud

Then I will let my demons out

My RAGE - there's danger in my smile.

My RAGE - no, this is not my stile.

In the suburbs of my mind lives a gang of four

joining me from time to time in my mental war.

I never felt so mean, that's all I know.

But when I hit my strings to loud

then I will let my demons out

My RAGE...

Now I will let my demons out...

In my hour of darkness they will come again;

Fear, hate, frustration, desperation.

They are all so negative, but now I'll get them down,

I'll answer with my RAGE...


My Rage / Rage

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