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 Rage Rageметалл-гуппа

Mental Decay

Knight of virtue

Men of war

Ideals of your time

Sense of duty

You've done what they expect you to do

Missiles'll save us

In Video games they do

Mental decay

I will laugh when you must cry

Mental decay

Why should I know the reason why

Mental decay

To Hell with any intellect

Mental decay (Mental decay)

What to do with all this time?

There's a hole in my life

Go out hunting

The pleasure to kill

Don't like strangers

Without beer I've got no fun

[Repeat 2nd verse]

Apathy in friendship, stupidity at work

Keep faith in tradition, the orders from above

Your fancy dies on T.V., our conscience on the way

You'll be vegetating right up to your final day

[Repeat 1st verse]

Hunger for life,

Joy of risk

Future perspectives died

Take a look at those decrepit pensioners

They fuss around to make believe they're alive

They hate everyone just because they're all so young

The lividness in their faces

[Repeat 2nd verse]


Mental Decay / Rage

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