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A Pilgrim's Path

[Music by: P. Wagner]

[Lyrics by: P. Wagner]

This journey started long ago

When will it end?

I don't know

My ship's been stranded many times

I've missed some chances,

Yes, I know

My tale is not �bout a hero

Anyway, but the stone and the flute are

With me

A pilgrim's path

I was a boy when Arnie died.

He put it all in my hands

This was the time I had to leave

On this path with no release

Though I've been seeking for a lifetime

I don't know exactly what I'm searching for

A pilgrim's path

I have begun to settle down -

Still there's a hole in my life.

This cannot be the reason why I was born

Restless heart

Maybe that I'm not alone here,

What will I find if I leave to seek new shores?

A pilgrim's path

Give me one more chance

Please don't leave me here

Show me what I missed


A Pilgrim's Path / Rage

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